Build Site: Electric Motorcycle Conversion (VF500F)

Screen shot 2013-11-10 at 1.11.52 PM

Through a kind of funny string of events, I stumbled on a build site the other day.  Let’s just say the man has very good taste in photography.  I finally had a chance to sit down and go through it, and it’s really quite remarkable.

Take a look, it’s here: Electric Motorcycle Conversion.

I say it’s remarkable because if you’re looking to learn how to convert an electric motorcycle it may well be the best site I’ve seen.  The guy goes through each step of the process, describes the issues and most of the principles involved, then shows how he did it.  Here’s an example of what I mean, from his Component Selection tab.

Screen shot 2013-11-10 at 1.19.10 PM

The site seems a bit funny to navigate, but it does have different formats on the left sidebar you can choose, which I haven’t played with. You can get a ton of information there, in a very logical and well illustrated way. It’s also an engaging read.  He’s technical, knowledgeable, but he isn’t afraid to have some fun. Most guys doing build threads are kind of throwing stuff up there as they do it, and are as wrapped up in doing the actual build as they might be putting the site together. In this case you almost get the feeling the guy is doing the build in order to put the site together…

As it turns out, there’s a good reason for this.  “The guy” is Mark Warner.

Mark Warner is a professionally licensed mechanical engineer, a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers, and a life-long automobile expert and builder. He has written five best selling books on automotive technology, hundreds of magazine articles, dozens of peer reviewed technical papers, and holds ten engineering patents. He lives in Tucson, Arizona. When he’s not writing, he can usually be found wrenching on a project car in his shop.

So yeah.  He has a wee bit of knowledge about this stuff, and how to write for people to actually read.  He also wrote this little volume: 


As they say in the music industry, the man has earned his chops.

Electric Motorcycle Conversion is an awesome effort, and it also feels like a great companion to …from Fossils to Flux.  He underscores a lot of the same points I make, but in actual practice.  I try to give the lay of the land with the book, and Mark will give you the diary of the trip with his site, with a running commentary.

Great stuff, and I’ll be watching as the build progresses!



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