But, What About Terry? (Dept of Hershner Tracking)


Any volunteers to put one of those GPS dog collars on Terry Hershner?  I’d say to implant one of those chips, but you’d have to do it while he slept, and, well, the man doesn’t sleep.  Anyway, as much as I can keep track of him, he’s tooling up for his next cross-country attempt, as we’ve heard…  and it sounds like he’s going to head out in a couple of days.

Last he told me, he’s actually preparing the bike for this one.

we decided to take time to fix things, so not sure yet. Im guessing 3 days. Im going to still replace the rear wheel bearings and the leaking fox shock and get a new tire and perhaps replace the belt. All this stuff is just preventative maintenance that if I wasn’t travelling cross country I wouldn’t bother doing. But breaking down in the middle of the desert sucks lol

That was, oh, 3 days ago.  (No pressure, Terry.)  New tires –


…though, those look to me like they still had a few miles on them.  I mean, you don’t see any rust do you?  (inside joke, you have to be a really cheap bastard to know what I’m talking about.)


None other than rock-star electric roadracing soon-to-be-legend Jeremiah Johnson pitched in to help Terry change out the rear wheel and Fox shock.  Um.  Well.  That’s the story.  Here’s how that really looked:


(that’d be JJ, in the back, “helping” Terry with his Facebook updates…)


So this morning I see Terry stopped in and picked up some heated underpants or something…  and then visited his buds at Zero.  To buy them lunch.  Terry’s never bought me lunch.  Thankless ingrate.  That’s the shot at the top.

Here’re the links.  They started up a new site called Off The Grid Live, here, where you should be able to get updates on their progress, and I say “their” because he’s going to have a passenger.  None other than Chelsea Liggatt – thank god the guy’s gonna finally have some decent photography.  They’re still using the Off the Grid Facebook page, check that here.

Here’s the route, once again, they’re showing.

Screen shot 2013-10-23 at 5.36.17 AM

And, yes, they’re shooting for a new record.  Barring traffic, weather, and breakdowns, it’s possible they could do the fastest coast to coast, and certainly on a self-contained bike with no support vehicles.  Definitely a record for “with passenger” as well.

And, yeah, the weather?  Here’s how that’s looking.

Screen shot 2013-11-09 at 6.39.33 AM

Looks like in a few days it’s a good shot, what with all those big high pressure bubbles floating East.

Stay tuned to Hershner Tracking Central for your Next Update!


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