Alex Tang: (Electric Motorcycle) Photographer Extraordinaire

Screen shot 2013-11-08 at 6.03.27 AM

This started as “Lightning Redux” as a part of The Electric Garage, but I think you’ll see why I think it should have a little different focus.  Hell.  I’m a photographer, right?  I know from Good Photography, and this guy is good.

Alex Tang, AKA  “_Tango” on many of the forums and stuff, was a regular on ElMoto back in the day, and still hangs out there on occasion.  I was aware of his passion for photography when I started seeing some of his shots of the TTXGP races in his neck of the woods, but I really hadn’t seen much more than a few of those collections.  Oh yeah, there were the shots of Shelina, right…  who could forget that?  I’d go out on a limb and say he has some of the most awesome shots of electric roadracing as anyone out there, from day one, the very first TTXGP race in the US.

So I did the post on the Lightning EV1, and got a message that Alex had a bunch of shots of that bike.  I’ll sit down now and let you enjoy them…  here you go.

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He also shot this video, on the YouTube.  My favorite part is when the bike’s getting the tech inspection, and at about :25 the guy who I think is Hatfield is obviously bemused (correct use of the term, by the way) and shakes his head, walking away.

Back in the “Golden Age of ElMoto”, when it was a simpler time and the chat feature worked, I used to log on pretty much while the coffee was brewing which, in this house, was around 5am.  Ed (“security cycles”) Fargo was usually online, Terry Hershner almost always, and depending on his sleep habits, Adam Bercu would come on before wrapping up his all-nighter building/design CAD sessions by going to bed for the “night” at noon.  Then, every once in a while, you’d see Alex pop up.  Now the rest of us were on the East coast.  Alex is on that other coast.  I’d be like, “dude, what the hell are you doing up?”  “…baby couldn’t sleep” came the answer.

Well, here’s that “baby” now.  Cute as a button, and all growed up almost.

Screen shot 2013-11-08 at 6.28.38 AM

Lordy, lordy how time flies.

Alex was working on his Electriceptor bike, an electric conversion of a Honda Interceptor, which is the same bike I was working on at the time.  I’m pretty sure he’s running some parts of mine, if memory serves.  He’s gone through a few upgrades, and this summer passed the 3000 mile mark.

Alex’s photography is here.  Not only electric motorcycles, but those ol’ gas burning bikes, lovely scenics, sports and people shots too.  Go take a look, it’s really great stuff.  He’s got an electric motorcycle blog too – Electriceptor.wordpress.

Here’s this from his “About” page:

Hi there!My name is Alex, and by day, i’m a Software Engineering Manager at Proofpoint, Inc. But sometimes, when i’m super lucky, i get to unearth my camera and go take some photos.In my younger years, i took a lot of landscapes and mood photos. I’ve also been taking sports (Triathlon and Cycling mainly). Most recently, over the last few years, i’ve been lucky enough to get involved with Electric Motorcycles and Electric Vehicles in general and have been asked to take some photos for the TTXGP, an electric motorcycle race group at their california races.This site has become a place for me to put up some of the photos i like the most. So, I hope you like them as well. Let me know if you do.Thanks!

Yes. Alex.  We like them.

All the work shown here is © Alex Tang, 2010-2013, and used with express permission.  All rights reserved.  



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