The Electric Garage: Nice Homebuild Electric Cycle

Screen shot 2013-11-06 at 6.36.20 PM

The internets is a Strange and Wonderful Thing.  Via a tip from Endless Sphere, I found this video.  I sent the guy a YouTube message, but I couldn’t stand waiting anymore.  This is a huge, awesome, air-ride custom bike from somewhere.  Exactly where, I have yet to learn.

The photos, screen grabs from the video:

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My favorite is a split between the EV grin on the rider, and the Grampy, obviously indulgent and slightly bemused.

The specs?  You gotcha 2 bigass 75ah Optima Yellow-tops running ‘er at 24V.  Forward and reverse. And yer Curtis controller. And an air compressor.  I can hear it, but I can’t see it.

A little about the project from the YouTube:

Published on Oct 25, 2013

24 V Ca. 6kW ,Curtis Controller 1207a(2x 12V 75 Ah Optima Yellowtop) Custom Brushed DC-Motor Please understand that I am in no way a professional bike builder or even consider myself an accomplished motorcycle mechanic, in fact many people reading this with more experience and talent than myself might even have a good laugh at my amateur efforts, but it is really to show people with limited experience what can be done and what things to consider. But this was the first time I had actually set about a project like this.

I certainly hope it’s not the last.

Videos, both of them, here.



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