The Electric Garage: Brutus V9


Let’s take a break from these sweet little bikes I’ve been lusting over and have a taste of something completely different.  Brutus v9.

I kind of feel like you need to go right to the photos, so here they are.

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Brutus V9 is more or less the second model in what’s looking like a healthy line of motorcycles.  Back in my “Where Are They Now?” post I was kind of wondering what was up with Brutus.  So I asked.

Brutus is Chris Bell, every bit as talented a bike builder as anyone you’ll ever see.  These are the kind of bikes, and quality, you’d expect on the custom Harley circuit, except they’re electric.  All 800lbs of chrome, yummy, shiny electric.  Chris started with the Brutus, now evolved to the Brutus 2 which was a fairly indescribable bobber-type-trellis-frame-electric-with-transmission affair.  The man clearly had a vision.  It wasn’t really until the V9 that I started to understand what that vision was.  Oh, you can buy that vision too, for a not too fierce $32,490 or so, depending on the package.

OK, here are the specs:

Motor 9” DC
Weight 784lbs or 886lbs
Length 100.5”
Width 36.5”
Rake 27.2°
Wheel Base 65”
Seat Height 26.2”
Battery pack
18.8kWh or 33.7kWh
Charge Time – Dependent on charging and battery options
Top Speed 115mph (Gearing Restricted)
Horsepower 125 (Motor)
Torque 277ft lbs (Motor)
Mileage (18.8kWh) 165 City / 125 Highway (estimate)
Mileage (33.7kWh) 280 City / 210 Highway (estimate)
Front 21” x 3.5”
Rear 16” x 3.5”
Front suspension
58mm Inverted
Rear suspension
Dual Shocks
Front Single or Twin 32mm 4 Piston Fixed / 11.5” Rotor
Rear Single 32mm 4 Piston Fixed / 11.5” Rotor
Full HID and LED Lighting

Here are the links:

Brutus website here.

Facebook page here.

I can’t really go into what Chris told me about what he’s working on, but suffice to say, he’s a busy boy.  You’re going to see more along this direction, and some stuff in a slightly different vein.  You’re also going to see some stuff that will blow your doors off…  probably literally.

Everybody seems to have this thought in the back of their mind that they want to start a business building electric motorcycles, and a lot of them seem pretty sweet…  and like they have a shot.  Bell is building bikes, top-quality custom bikes, and they happen to be electric.  You get the feeling it doesn’t really matter if they sell or not, he’s going to keep building, and he’s building from the heart…  and in the words of my personal hero, Shinya Kimura, “…I believe that speaks to people’s emotions…  and makes them want one.”

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