Another Turnigy RC Lipo Fire Video

Screen shot 2013-11-04 at 7.54.01 AM

huh.  Some things never get old.  I should have said, “But With No Fire”. I just saw this video of yet another attempt to blow up RC Lipo batteries and saw something I hadn’t seen before.  At about 0:44, the bullet connectors became unsoldered, breaking the short-circuit.

Besides just cracking me up that so many precautions were taken and dire warnings given (I, frankly, just blow the stuff up setting it on a pile of gravel, give it a few cinderblocks and crank the camera out to full telephoto, but hell, if it makes you skairt, go for it.  I generally don’t invite firefighters over because they drink all my beer.)  In spite of all the precautions, I hasten to point out that he did the one thing that I think is probably more dangerous than anything else he could have done.  He plugged the lead directly together.  Here’s why I feel that’s not a great idea: Shorting a Turnigy Lipo Pack (AKA “Welding”)

This did show that in a real-world scenario, with the bullet connectors in use to parallel the packs, you would have pretty much a self-fusing situation.   The wires get hot enough to melt the solder holding them to the bullets, and no, there’s no crimp.  There are always comments about the balance leads causing shorts and it’s the same deal…  they’re such small wires, they pretty much are the fuses in the system, but it hadn’t occurred to me that the bullets as well would do the same thing.

And this after I’d soldered about a million of them myself.  Oh well…  that’s why it’s so much fun blowing stuff up yourself.  Sometimes you learn stuff.

Also, this gets me away from thinking that the bullets should be done away with in favor of crimping. You do that, and the only other solder that could melt would be the stuff holding the cells together, and there’s a lot of that.

And 1100 amps?  DAMN, bro.

I’m right back to where I started…



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