The Electric Garage: Brooklyn Motorized


This could well qualify for the “Where Are They Now?” post, and I was a little reluctant to make a post about it because it seemed like the bikes, resoundingly cute as they are, were vapor, but a look back proves otherwise.  Looking through the slideshow below, you can see a loft with several complete bikes standing there.  Which makes me wonder, where are those now, and can I have one?

This bike is everything I love about motorcycles – small and light, classic steel tube frame patterned after the Norton Featherbed apparently, but a not too distant cousin to my Yamaha R5 through RD400 frame of the late ’70s and early ’80s.  It matches the specs of the R5eIII pretty well, actually, and it has one little feature that’s the best bit of all.

A removable, modular battery pack.

Let’s see the photos:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Funny.  I just realized there are no shots of the chain/sprocket side of the bike.  Weird.

The specs:

Wheelbase: 52.25 inches
Weight: 230lbs
Wheels: 17 inch
Seat Height: 30 inches
Battery packs: two, 20lbs removable battery packs
Charge time: one hour at 110v for 80 percent charge, 3-4 hours for 100 percent
Range: 35 miles
Top speed: 60mph
Battery capacity: 2-2.75kWh
Price: $5,999 plus a 10 percent New York tax credit

All I can really tell about the motor is it’s clearly a Motenergy, I’d guess the ME0709, just by the 2011 vintage.

So, where are they today?  The Brooklyn Motorized site is pretty much just a placeholder, but the Industrial Designer responsible for this genius is Wes Cox, and his page is here.  Apparently he got a job with McMaster Carr along the way.

The big story that got everybody’s attention back in 2011 was in the New York Times Auto Section, here.

The company was founded by Jim Carden and Andrew Templar in ’09, and they brought in Cox (“product designer and lifelong motorcycle tinkerer”). Around the same time frame they were awarded a $500,000 grant from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.


3 responses to “The Electric Garage: Brooklyn Motorized

  1. I had forgotten this cool bike. Seeing it sent me to my E Motos file. This one was there, along with half a dozen others that are dead links, or haven’t been updated in three years. Makes Zero’s success even more impressive.

  2. This is one that I hoped to see succeed – a very smart blend of a simple and stylish platform with practical components. I had this bike as my screensaver for some time.

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