Mt Washington and Electric Vehicles (hint: 1910)

NYT elec car 10.16.10


What with the ancient history of Electric Cars, dating back to the turn of the century, and how a Stanley Locomobile was the first car to ever climb to the summit, it’s hard to imagine that this summer’s climb by an electric Ford Focus was indeed the first ever ascent of the mountain by a production electric car.  Then, what should appear in my email, but this story from a 1910 issue of the New York Times.

This brings me back to when I rolled up to the steps of the Larz Anderson Auto Museum on my bike.  The Director, Sheldon Steele, fairly pounced on me, asking me all about the bike. He commented that they had a car in their collection that had exactly the same technology…  from 1910.  Indeed.

Click on the image above to read the whole story – and don’t miss what can only be called the charming use of the language –  journalism was a different animal a century ago, apparently.  But if you do, you’ll note that the attempt fell about a mile short.  Still…  it’s hard to believe it wasn’t followed by a successful attempt in following years.

The search goes on…




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