New Project: xOoterpod


Sometimes it’s better to not ask why…


A while back I got this.

It didn’t run, but it had a fresh set of batteries.  It had this.  I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to look like this:


That went to the hub motor, which didn’t work anymore.  So I gave it to my friend Charles.  I think he fixed it and then put it into something like this.


…or maybe not.

Anyway.  I had this scooter thing without a motor, and I had a nice little Briggs ETEK lying around, so here’ what I got thrown together, courtesy of a forgotten – model rear wheel from the eBay.


The cool thing about this scooter is first, it was already electric.  Second, it was fairly impressive, as scooters go, for the quality of components and the configuration.  It has a true swingarm, some little shocks, and even a front hydraulic disk brake.  It also has a couple of kind of sweet looking meters and gauges.


When push came to shove, though, I came to the realization that I just don’t really like scooters.  I don’t want one, I don’t like riding them, and other than just doing another conversion to show another application of the battery module, I really didn’t have much interest.  So it sat.

After over a year of taking up space in the garage, and the really fragile, yet very pretty body work cracking and breaking every time I even looked at it, I decided it was time to make a decision.  The decision started as, the junk man cometh, and let’s get this POS out of the garage before winter.  As I started tossing the accumulated body parts out, the frame started taking some shape.  Then, the rusty gears in my feeble brain started turning.

Keep in mind, I had the chance to drive Jeff Disinger’s insane electric go-kart this summer.

So yeah.  What you see above is my first PAD (Photoshop Aided Design) rendering of what I’m planning for this thing.  Foot-forward, AKA recumbent, two wheeled, disk-braked, ETEK powered 60mph crazy-talk.  Think two-wheeled go-kart, but faster.  I’m also thinking this will be a build specifically for climbing Mt Washington.  Why not?  And it sounds so legitimate, that way.

I’m thinking this, for specs.  The Briggs ETEK, running at 80V, with a controller that gives me regen, because a) I’m sick of having to say no, when people ask me if the bike has regen, and b) I want to help out the brakes as much as I can on the descent.  I’d like to run the battery module idea, but I have to see how I’m going to mount them.  I may just opt for a small module with RC lipo, and only enough to make the climb.  That probably works out to about 30ah @ 80V, or around 2.4kwh.

I may even do some simple streamlining.  Are you seeing this, Warren?  I’m thinking like the ELF, with open sides, but a pod-shaped front, top and back enclosure…  thus, the “pod” part of “xOoterpod”.

Here’s the status at the moment:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On general principles I think it needs a diagonal brace at that knee in the front, since that’s where the weld is, and as soon as that’s done, it’s off to the welder wit cha…

Stay tuned!


4 responses to “New Project: xOoterpod

  1. Yeah I see it.

    I spent several years looking at pix of naked ZEV and Current scooter chassis, imagining what I could do to them. But I’ve been clean for six months now. 🙂

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