Electric Motorcycle Resources: Blogs and Sites. Wait. Wut?


For some reason I started wondering what else was out there for resources, other than forums, for people building, or trying to learn about electric motorcycles.  I was surprised to find the answer.

None, except for, well, me.  (Hint:  Looking for something?  Try the “Search” feature, I use it all the time to find stuff here.)

John Adamo was working on PlugBike, but gave most of the effort up for his site on electric bicycles, dopedbike.com, which is also kind of languishing.  I see he’s done a few updates about the 2013 race season, but that’s it.  John tells me he’s still trying to fit the blogs in, in spite of the day job, so keep checking back there.

Richard Dort has been working hard on what was originally TTXGP Matters, here, if you like to read about racing, such as it is.  He’s switching to a pay-to-read format.  “Your #1 source for Hot Blithering and Electric Motorcycle Bench Racing”

But finding DIY blog-type resources that cover everything from how to weld to motors, batteries, controllers, design, history and news?  There’s nothing else out there.  How the hell did this happen?  Back when I started this madness, in ’09, it seemed like everybody and their brother was jumping on-board.

You have your forums, but honestly?  It’s been a tough row to hoe lately.  Endless Sphere, though you’ll find some truly insane genius there in the battery and motor departments, seem to mostly be into building electric bicycles.  There’s a lot of chaff to wade through to get to the good stuff, too, but you will find guys who know their stuff among the flat-out raving lunatics.  ElMoto has long been a haunt of mine, but a lot of old friends have dropped off, and it’s become a “who can be the smartest kid in the room?” experience now…  unfortunate, and not too helpful for the beginner, unless you just want to hear one view of how things should be done.  The Electric Motorcycle Forum seems to be going the way of the consumer bikes, and never has really been great for learning how to build your own.  They only have one category for builders, Home Brew, with only 450 or so posts.  DIY Electric Car has a bike/motorcycle category…  never really been over there.

There are quite a few “build” blogs, but they kind of dry up after the bike gets built.  Mostly you can find them linked via the EV Album pages. ( Funny how many of those pages take you to a quazi-company front page sounding like they are going into business…  )  They’re great if you can find examples of a conversion for just the bike you’re looking for, and see what you think of how it was done.

Knucklebuster remains one of my favorite general fabrication sites, but there’s nothing there about the electric drivetrain side of things.  Don’t miss EqualsZero, by Charles Guan, for some great stuff about robots, electric madness, and MIT level electronics stuff (most of which is so far over my head I don’t even know where to start).  But total electric hilarity.

Crap.  I guess the pressure’s on.  I gotta step up the game.


Do you know of any?  Have any faves?  Post the links in the comments, I’ll add them…

(“Where have they all gone?”, above, via Harald Schillhammer, pbase.)


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