Energica EGO Launch at EICMA 2013 – Milan


Yeah, bitches, you read it here first.  That’s ’cause they LUB me at eCRP and all…  I got an email begging me, begging me to hop in the jet and come to their little press event on Nov 7th…  but you know, I’m a busy guy.  Just can’t fit it in, this time anyway.  I think I have a lunch date with Shelina or something, let me look in my book…

Anyway, well then, here are the details in case your calendar is a little more, uh, open than mine – edited just a tad:

  • Where and when: Hall.10 Booth H77, November 7th – 10th. EICMA Milan (site here).
  • What: Energica Ego, (presented at Eicma 2011) – 100 kW motor power and the 240 km/h top speed.
  • This will be the Official launch.
  • Also: Enel, Efacec, Cobo and Phoenix Contact, which will have a series of events at the CRP booth for developing the knowledge of sustainable mobility. These events will be held from November 7th to 10th at 11.30 am | 2.30 pm | 4.30 pm (HALL 10 BOOTH H77).
  • Also featured-  AC and DC recharging procedures with Energica Ego plug / Inlet CCS developed by Phoenix Contact E-Mobility GmbH company.
  • The Press Conference will be held on November 5th at 1.30 pm at their booth – Hall 10 Booth H77.


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