The Electric Garage: Terry Hershner’s AeroZero


OK, I just made up that name, but I think it works.  Terry’s gotta buy me beers if he uses it…  hell.  He’s gotta buy me beers on General Principles by now, I figure.


I do believe the man is starting yet another cross-country ride before the snow starts flying, and I do believe it may be as shortly as a few hours. (edit: Wrong.  His site goes live in a few hours, it looks like he’s leaving in a few days.)  I’ll get as much info as I can about this bike in it’s current configuration, but from what I’ve read, here’s the dish.  This started life as a 2012 Zero ZF9.

Terry added 3 additional battery packs weighing 60 pounds each or 180 pounds together.  That was in addition to the 180 pounds of batteries already on the bike.  This doubled his capacity from 9 kilowatt hours, to 18 kilowatt hours, raising the battery weight from 180 pounds on the stock motorcycle to 360 pounds of battery weight on the cross country prepped version.

Terry carried 11 chargers. The chargers alone weighed 200lbs.

Well, 10 chargers, to be accurate:  6 Elcons and 4 Delta Qs.  So, with 15kwh of batteries that means it’s a ZF15.  15kwh of rompin’ stompin’ battery, more than any other Zero on the planet.  Oh, except for his record bids he’s borrowing another 3kwh from Zero…  so 18kwh total in some cases?  Insanity.

The big deal is the addition of the tail section in the shot above.  I’m hoping to get some more shots of it, but I’m not betting my life on it or anything.  At any rate, it’s now the Full Monty of Streamlining, and we’ll see how it goes.  As a subject of The Electric Garage, it’s simply the highest level of electric streamlining on a daily rider I know of.

Here’s the story, from the Vetter site: Streamlining Terry Hershner’s Electric Zero.  It’s Part One of several, and it gets updated frequently so check back.

Screen shot 2013-10-22 at 6.50.15 PM

Terry’s site is on Facebook: Off The Grid, and you can check that for updates I think, but the new site is Off The Grid Live.  And as of right now?  It’s showing 5 hours to launch time.

Photo Credit: Chelsea Liggatt, AKA Bun Bun (Facebook)


4 responses to “The Electric Garage: Terry Hershner’s AeroZero

  1. I may be biased…OK…I am biased, but I think Terry has done more to promote the image of EV’s than anyone, with the possible exception of Elon Musk.

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