The Electric Garage: The ION



One of the very first electric motorcycle projects that I remember seeing was the ION, a build by Tomas Miceli.  A 2009 graduate of Appalachian State University with a BS in Industrial Design, the story went that he built this bike as a resumé project, and, with the resulting buzz, in fact got a job offer or two pretty promptly.  Here are some more photos via Stewart Cox, who I’d link if I knew the link…  any help would be appreciated.



OK, life’s little pleasures?  The joy I get from seeing the use of an extension cord reel tucked under the fender for his charger.  After seeing Zero and Brammo neglect this kind of simple touch, it warms my heart.




The bike is (was?) running an AC15 with a Curtis 1238, 24s Thundersky 40ah LiFePo4 (76v nom), and it was converted from a ’96 Kawasaki ZX6 host chassis.   Fairly unremarkable, with performance specs you’d expect, but the fairing is the obvious hook.  Hand-laid fiberglass, molded from foam, with a custom LED headlight all underscores his emphasis on deisgn-for-efficiency.

The story is a little old, especially in internet-dog years, so the trail is getting cold, but here are a few links that are still good.  Domenick did a story on Autoblog Green, here.   There was also a story on Asphalt and Rubber, by John Adamo, here.  Probably the most complete story, as well as feather in his cap, was on Wired, here.

The video I pointedly remember was this, which convinced me I didn’t want to take on the project of making my own fairings…  I never much liked working with glass, but this kid’s a pro:




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