The Electric Garage: Electracutioner


Here it is, kids, the Electracutioner, from Jeff “Dice” Disinger.  This beast is the 1/4 mile record holder as of this Fall, (1/4 mile 9.34@155mph – SMC-A record as well as an ECTA Land Speed for the APS/eE-A2 class one mile) in spite of a breakdown during the run, and a coast-through finish.  God only knows what this thing will do next Spring when it gets some modifications and some fresh cells.

He’s running a single 7 1/2″ GE series-wound DC motor, a Zilla 1400 amp controller and 80 5s 45-90 5000mah Turnigy packs.  300V. The frame started life as a 2002-06 ZX6R Kawasaki medley.

Oh.  Did I mention this is street legal?  Why yes.  Yes it is.

Here are some more shots:




Under the hood, the ‘Zilla, just chillin’.


On the Mt Washington Auto Road, at about 5000′.

Dice can be found on his Predator Facebook page, or causing trouble on the NEDRA Facebook page, where you might be able to find their racing schedule.

Oh, yeah, he also has the most bad-assedly cute pit crew happenin’:




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