A New Feature: The Electric Garage



I’ve always liked sites that inspire with photos of different, interesting and unique bikes, and I wanted to do something like that here.  There are a lot of guys out there, working away in their garages and shops, making some pretty amazing bikes, and I think people need to see them.  So here it is, the Electric Garage.  I’ll start it off with a little tease – this is Allen James’ Steampunk Electric – a truly inspired, and truly unique machine.  Above is his rendering, and I’ll do a more complete post on the bike’s progress a little later.

Feel free to submit your own builds, whether complete, only in your head, or somewhere in between!  The best place to do that is on the Electric Chronicles Facebook Page, here, where you can submit whatever you have and it’s there for the world to see.  I’ll be picking the ones that catch my eye, and posting them on the blog, too.

Dust off that camera and give us some sugar!

To see all the Electric Garage posts, just click the link at the top.




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