New Hampshire FALLS (almost)

Well.  OK.  There’s some little tiny hill with a road on it in Lancaster NH, right Howie?  But other than that, there’s just the Mt Washington Auto Road and Pack Monadnock.  And today?  Pack Monadnock was conquered by the R5eIII.  (Cute little hill, really…  )

You have to be either a really seasoned (jaded?) New Englander or just very, very tired to make a play on words like that and not even know it, but, yeah…  happy Fall foliage too.


2 responses to “New Hampshire FALLS (almost)

  1. We were there that day, our group rode our motorcycles to the top, that was one of the ‘most’ difficult roads I’ve ever ridden on! Ted’s motorcyce attracted quite a crowd. He very patiently answered all questions from everyone, and even took the tank off of his bike for me to photograph!


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