Massachusetts Mountain Drives – Done!

Of the many mountain auto roads in New England, three of them are right in Massachusetts.  Mt Wachusett, in Princeton, Sugarloaf Mountain – at all of 652 feet, and the stunning Mount Greylock in North Adams.

Here they are in all their awesomeness:

First, back in July, Tyler running up Mt Wachusett –

Next, just today, Sugarloaf, in South Deerfield, MA – kind of a cute little thing, only a mile or so, so you get the ascent and descent, and two shots of the AWEsome S. Deerfield Elementary School kids on a hike.

Finally Mount Greylock, in North Adams,, a mountain that, every time I visit, I’m struck by how peaceful and pretty it is.  It’s the highest peak in Massachusetts, and on the Appallacian Trail to boot.

I started off the day today by making that climb on an wide-open, empty road…  only to find breakfast waiting for me at the summit!  Check out the Bascom Lodge – a full service Inn dating back to the ’30s, and given Yankee Magazine’s 2011 Editor’s Choice award – Best Meal with a View!




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