Foxfire Energy and Zero-Carbon Transportation



You probably have heard the long story about how oil is made, and why they call it “fossil fuel”.  The sun shines on little bitty plants, and they grow, store the sun’s energy, and die.  Millions of years of enormous pressure without oxygen and all that energy is retained, and the stuff is oil, coal or gas.  It’s drilled, pumped, refined and transported to a gas station near you.

How about we cut out the middle man and a few million years?  Considering it’s not happening any time soon – the formation of more oil reserves, that is – it may be a good idea.

Enter the folks from Foxfire Energy and their Solar Generator array.  This is what it looks like, above, charing the Mt Washington Auto Road’s new electric Smart car.  They have, for years now, powered 100% of the annual SolarFest Sustainability Conference, and came to help charge the vehicles at the Mt Washington Auto Road ALT Energy Summit this past weekend.  The trailer is simple, but remarkably powerful – with a compact array, but a huge bank of batteries allowing them to power an average four-man team onsite with no running gas generator.  It powered several of our vehicles on their ascents of Mt Washington, and nary a fossil was burned.

Foxfire also handles standard, and some not-so-standard solar installations.  From their site:

Foxfire Energy Corporation specializes in the engineering, sale, installation, and servicing of Renewable Energy systems. We deal with Photovoltaics, Solar/ Wood Heating, and Wind Power in both on and off-grid applications.

We bring 35 years of experience in electrical engineering, education, renewable energy power generation and energy efficient building design and construction to the table. We are NABCEP certified and fully insured.

Stop by their site and check them out…  here for more information.

With a solar-powered charging station at your work, or at home, you can achieve something that makes such perfect sense it’s almost unimaginable….  getting energy directly from the sun to your car, without a million-year wait.



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