Mt Washington Auto Road ALT Energy Summit: Still Time!

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Yes, there’s still time to get onboard, but time’s running out! Next weekend, Sept 14/15 we’re hosting what is looking to be the biggest meeting of Alternative Energy vehicles in New Hampshire, and probably New England! (Except they’re not “alternative” anymore!) Not only will they be there, but you can watch as they climb to the tallest peak in New England, on the steepest Auto Road in the country – or attempt to climb it with your own vehicle!

Come be a part of it – Whether you’re a backyard builder, an inventor, a dealer or simply an enthusiast, we want you there and we want to see what you build/invent/sell and love! There’s no fee, and it’s a unique chance to share with your friends, clients, customers and followers.

Take a look at who’s coming:

  • Charles MacArthur – In 1974, inventor Charlie MacArthur traded his hot-air balloon for a Corbin Electric Motorcycle – the first of it’s kind – and did nothing less than use it to climb to the summit of Mt Washington. This ride – the first in history – sparked the Mt Washington Alternative Energy Regatta, a week-long celebration of invention, adaptation and creativity to search for alternatives to the nation’s addiction to fossil fuels.Today, at 86, Charlie is still fighting for clean energy and sustainable solutions, will be celebrating over 35 years of Mt Washington Auto Road’s commitment to renewable energy, and, with luck, will be bringing his historic motorcycle for us to see. In the EV and Alternative Energy community Charlie is a legend… and Mt Washington is “Charlie’s Mountain”.
  • Solarfest, Inc. – Did you miss SolarFest 2013 this year? Want to learn a little more about what to expect in 2014? Come and visit with SolarFest at the ALT-Energy Summit! SolarFest, Inc. is the Northeast’s premier renewable energy and arts festival—a three-day, family-friendly festival that combines world-class entertainment with not-to-be-missed workshops in renewable energy, sustainability and community engagement. Our mission statement is quite simple, and yet so vital: SolarFest blends art, education, and outreach to inspire conservation, promote renewable energy, and support sustainable communities. Through our steadfast commitment to education, arts and community outreach, SolarFest, Inc. teaches and demonstrates the power and sensibilities of renewable energy and sustainable living at conferences, performances and venues throughout the year.
  • Carl Vogel, on the Board of the National Electric Auto Assn, and President of the Greater NY EAA, author of “Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle”
  • Mike Corbin, with the Corbin Sparrow 2, of Sparrow Motors and the creator of the Corbin Electric Motorcycle, ca 1974
  • Jeff Disinger, with the Predator Electric Drag Bike, one of the quickest electric vehicles in the world
  • Several NH area auto dealers including Banks Chevrolet, with their Volt, and Lovering Mitsubishi with their MiEV
  • Terry Hershner, with the Zero Motorcycle with Vetter streamlining that has made more cross-US journeys than any electric vehicle in history
  • Mark Stewart, with his ELF electric vehicle by Organic Transit, who rode from their workshop in Durham, NC to his home in Cambridge, MA.
  • The MIT Electric Vehicle Team, bringing their electric Porsche 914 and a few other EV projects
  • Berlin Area Renewable Energy Initiative – A non-profit organization dedicated to promoting energy conservation, efficiency and education in our area as well as volunteers that take a hands on approach to help others in the community act on their desire to conserve and produce their own power, in the form of energy raisers. We are currently operating as a Tri-County CAP program.
  • Mark Gelbien with EnerTrac
  • Glenn Johnson with AutoBeGreen
  • Mt Washington Auto Road’s bi-fuel (propane/gas) van will be on display
  • Bruce Gowan with his Solectria Force, a Geo Metro converted to battery electric
  • Black Sparrow Industries – with their Tribey MX-6, a three wheeled personal electric transport capable of on-road and off-road activities for a primary purpose of transporting the user and their cargo to and from work, the store, and other destinations.
  • Flagship Motorcars – displaying the new Mt Washington Auto Road company car – a Smart Electric Drive.

To read more, go to our main site, here.
To register, go to our Registration page, here.

Please don’t hesitate to call or write with any questions you may have: ted(at), or 978 621 5178

I hope you can join us! Register today!



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