Rumor Mill: New Motenergy. Liquid Cooled. AC? Beautiliciousness.


Don’t even start.  Beautiliciousness is most definitely so a word.  So yeah, I got some juicy gossip that Motenergy has been hard at work for over a year now developing a sweet little motor for small EVs.  Like motorcycles maybe.  Karts.  Stuff like that.

I know some stuff.  I can’t talk about other stuff, and there’s a lot of stuff I don’t know at all.  Don’t worry, I’ll make that bit up.

I think it’s going to be about the same size and weight as the Motenergy ME1115 shown above.  It’s going to be liquid cooled.  I’m betting on a PMDC brushless, and my spies tell me it’s going to be significantly more powerful.  You didn’t hear this from me, but based on some of my fuzzy math, maybe 25% more?  Yeah, right, we all know how I loves the math.  I’m betting you’re going to see that sine/cosign encoding stuff on it too, like on the Zero. Hell, I don’t really even know what that is.  Sevcon special-programmed controller, no doubt.  And it’s gonna be black.

I know there’s some prototype testing going on, and I’m pretty sure it’s the first prototype.

I do actually know for sure that it’s going to be available through Electric Motorsport.  They said they’re going to have their own version of the motor with “some specialty features”, and that you can look for the motor to hit their warehouse within 30 days.

How’s that piggy bank lookin?

Considering the only real liquid cooled motors in this neighborhood are the crazy-pricey Parkers (like what the Empulse is running), so this will be the first motor of it’s type really available to the DIY guys like me?  My piggy bank just ran for cover…


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