How It’s Made: Lithium Batteries

Screen shot 2013-07-15 at 6.03.33 AM

Just (re) found this awesome video showing how lithium-ion batteries are manufactured, along with some explanation of how they work, via The Discovery Channel:


2 responses to “How It’s Made: Lithium Batteries

  1. Unfortunately, this video doesn’t show a real production of cells. Not even the lithium-ion.
    It is really pity it become so popular that even official report for USA Congress was referring to shown process as example of manufacturing li-ion cells.

  2. Correction. A big one. The material is not about the li-ion cells manufacturing.
    In the introduction to the material – 1:08 sec – it is said: lithium-metal-polymer battery.
    The lithium-ion cells doesn’t contain metallic lithium. The source of energy storage and charge carriers is the cathode material – lithium based metal oxides that during charging process releases Li cations (and electrons) which are travelling through ion-conducting electrolyte (and separator) and intercalate into the anode – carbon/graphite crystallographical net.
    In lithium metal batteries instead of graphite anode you have lithium metal which dissolves and rebuilds back as metallic layer. Moreover, in the video it is said that the battery to operate requires elevated temperature (to activate the ion conducting capabilities of polymer separator) while lithium-ion cells will work best at room temperatures.
    That just a tip of mountain in differences between li-ion cell manufacturing and operations and li-metal-polymer ones.


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