EV Basics – W. Poynter Adams (’08)

Screen shot 2013-07-01 at 5.28.56 AM

Yeah, that’s NINETEEN-’08, bitches.  Besides being an interesting historical document, it’s a fairly good introduction to EV basic technology if you kind of skim over the part about controllers, since they didn’t have semiconductors and stuff then.  If you think a lot has changed in the last century, you may be surprised by some of the observations you’ll read here, especially in the introduction.  It’s a really well-organized primer, so much so that I’m considering adapting …from Fossils to Flux to the same basic plan.

This comes from the Google, but I’ve downloaded the pdf of it to make sure I don’t lose it to the whims of the interwebs.  Here you go: Electric_and_Petrol-Electric_Vehicles


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