Dirty-dirt bike Battery Module Mounting

Screen shot 2013-06-20 at 8.19.25 AM


Here it is folks.  And may I say?  It’s fabulous.  This is a 20ah 40V Headway pack in the battery module, which weighs about 15lb.  I can fit the 40ah CALB pack in there too, and it’s going to be a slam-dunk fit for some RC lipo.  The bike with the Headways is insanely light.

To review.  The strategy?  Use interchangeable battery modules so you can take a few extra, throw them in the truck with the bike, and slap them in when you use up the one you have.  Put the packs on the bench to charge them (really helpful with RC lipo).  Slap the packs into whatever you have that needs batteries…  the dirt bike, the street bike (set up for two packs in series, giving me 80V), or even the tractor.



2 responses to “Dirty-dirt bike Battery Module Mounting

    • After a little questioning about the question (which was about weight distribution and how you decide where to put stuff: “I’m meaning do you worry about what to put where based on it’s weight?”) here’s my answer:

      Well, it kind of sorts itself out. What you want is basically the same weight distribution as with the original bike and motor, keeping in mind the fuel tank which is pretty heavy and pretty high up.

      The motor has to pretty much go where the sprocket was on the original so the chain track is correct, the batteries go whereever you can fit them, but that usually ends up to be still about the same distribution as the original.

      The R5 though, with the big pack, is WAY lower C/G than the original bike was, and it handles GREAT as a result


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