The Mt. Washington Auto Road ALT Energy Summit 2013

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Well, kids, it’s happening.  For realz.  This September we’re re-booting the Mt. Washington Auto Road’s legendary “Alternative Energy Regatta”, and we’re bringing everything to the table.  Not only the crazy, brilliant, one-off creations in the spirit of the original Regatta, but we’re focusing on what’s now mainstream, current, and available.  Look for everything from the big automakers to vendors showing parts and pieces of EV systems, home and industrial renewable energy systems to the latest developments from labs, garages and shops all over New England.  Look also for some key “Roundtable” discussions about some important questions, hosted by people with experience and resources to bring good answers to the table.

The Mount Washington Auto Road ALT-Energy Summit of 2013 will be on Sept. 14/15, and will include demonstrations, test drives, and even the “Regatta Parade” where you can see and cheer on your favorite vehicle.  The Regatta will be run, and awards will be given for the most interesting and ingenius solutions.  We’ll meet owners’ clubs of some of the most innovative vehicles on the road – Tesla, Nissan, Chevy – and we can hear directly from them about their EV and Hybrid ownership experience.  It’s going to really be a “summit”, and a keystone event for all of New England’s renewable energy.

Here’s a download of the official press release: Alt Energy Summit 2013 6.12.13

If you’re a builder, well, start building!  If you’re a dealer, vendor or enthusiast, we want you there…  check back for details or shoot me an email here, and I’ll update you as we tighten up the information.  Here, in the meantime, is the link to the Mount Washington Auto Road post about the weekend.

For some of the background on the Alternative Energy Regatta, check these links: Category: Mount Washington

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Yeah, OK…  I’ll dish.  I am, in fact, the Director of this esteemed event.  I wanted “Grand Poo-Bah“.   Better hat.  And if you don’t believe it, here’s me doing the Directorial thing with the Granite State Clean Cities Coalition yesterday, planning and plotting… (I’m the one with the sexy shirt.)




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