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As The Electric Chronicles nears 800 posts and nearly 200,000 views, a lot has changed since my first posts. Building electric motorcycle conversions is a little easier, and even a bit more common than when I started with my first posts and couldn’t find information, help, or parts (even from suppliers). There are now bikes you can buy “off the shelf”, and the number grows.

I’ve kept The Electric Chronicles up for one main reason – to provide a fast, easy way to find good information, help, and answers about the principles, parts, supplies, help available and even some of the news and events of what can now be called a sport. Go to the Search bar and put in what you’re looking for… you should find more than a few posts, with good links, to help you out.  I try to find reliable sources, but also post what I feel is the most helpful information – personal experience – because we all know about the difference between theory and practice.

I had no idea this would last this long. When I started it seemed like kind of an interesting little obsession, and I may or may not actually build a bike, but I figured it wouldn’t go much further than that. Every morning I get on, read some stuff, and if I see something that I need to refer back to or find interesting I’ll post it. (If you want to see the early years, check out this post “a long, strange trip and my first blog from 2006: “. t h e . e v M C . p r o j e c t .”  here.).

Seven years and 765 posts later we have what I hope is a good reference, a compendium of sorts of EV and electric motorcycle information. It’s lasted through a few “day jobs”, resulted in what I’ve been told is a helpful little book, and, now, after more than a decade of working outside jobs I’ve made the leap back to what I know, love, and did for over 25 years – running my own business… or to be more precise, businesses.  As I look at all the things I do that I love, feel are worthwhile, and want to continue, The Electric Chronicles is near the top of the list.   …so I ask for your help.

If you’re one of the several hundred folks each day who log in to see what’s new, I’d like to ask you for a token of your support. Click the link below and make a donation. Any amount will help, and it all goes to show me that this has all been worth it…



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