CRAZY Week in Electric Motorcycling


This is nuts.

First in my book is the Isle of Man TT Zero, where the Buckeye Electric Team is racing with Rob Barber.  Our boy Kyle Ginaven is there, and it looks like the best place to follow this action is here, on TTZero 2013   This video is kind of awesome:

Ron and the Buckeye is second bike you see here…  passing through Bray Hill.

Besides that, take a look at these times, from yesterday (6/3):

John McGuinness (3) 2013 MUGEN Shinden Ni 109.038
Michael Rutter (1) 2013 MotoCzysz E1pc 107.602
Mark Miller (2) 2013 MotoCzysz E1PC 105.806
Robert Barber (10) RW-2 Electric 91.768

McGuinness is set to kick MotoCzysz butt, or at least keep ’em honest, and electric lap records are dropping like flies.


Next we have Terry Hershner riding his streamlined Zero across the country, from LA to FL, with all the drama of, well, a very dramatic drama.  (…where’s that coffee?)  He left LA with a band of electric ruffians as an escort to the state lines, or somewhere like that, and promptly ran into traffic jam after traffic jam.  Hitting Texas, he eventually hit Hell.  In Katy Texas his motor bearings blew, and he proceeded to replace the motor on a sidewalk.  Follow his action here, on the Off The Grid Facebook page.  He’s trying to be the first, and fastest, electric motorcycle to ride across the country.  Follow his progress here, scroll down to the map.


To add drama to an already dramatic journey, check this out.  Moto Electra started from Jacksonville FL yesterday to do the same thing, and they’re calling it the Electric Cannonball run.  They have a support team with generator charging, to get around all that riding-around-looking-for-a-charging-station hassle, and are looking to set the record in a 3-day ride by none other than our buddy Thad Wolff.  Read their press release here, and follow them here on their Facebook page. John Wild, team member, is posting their location here, also on Facebook.  It looks like the best bet for following them is their Twitter feed here: Electric Cannonball.  There’s also their Glypse page here.

Finally, of course, Mission Motors released the news on their production bike.  The best story I’ve seen on that is in RideApart, here.  Yeah.  Badass.  But no hot asian chicks.  Here’s the video, complete with one wheelie.

Oh and the shot at the top?  Shelina kickin’ a little GASbike BUTT at Thunderhill this weekend.  Photos here on the Brammo FB page.

..have I forgotten anything?


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