Juicer Announces the 36V Stretch-Cruiser “The Citizen”


Well, bitches, you read it here first. Dave at Juicer has sent me some shots of his AMAzing latest addition to the Juicer line, and, what with two bikes now, a line it is.

The 36V Stretch-Cruiser, dubbed “The Citizen”, is a heavily (and beautifully) Deco Era styled copper-and-chrome, 30mph, 20 mile range (without pedaling) dresser with all the amenities – even fenders, a headlight and horn.  I’m going to shut up now and show you the photos…  they pretty much speak for themselves.


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Yes.  Yummy gorgeousness.

Here are the specs.

This is a street-legal bike, considered a moped in California.  It’s capable of 30mph and a 20 mile range without pedaling.  It’s got a 2-speed transmission.  Yes, you read that right.  Two speeds.  It’s running a 1000W Currie motor and Headway LiFe04 cells.  Brakes are a coaster-brake operating on its large-patch 3” rear tire, along with a 160mm disk-brake up front.  It’s running swept-back bars and a Cloud Nine saddle.  It sells for $3300.


Granted, there are only two bikes offered by Juicer so far, but this really is the beginning of a true lineup of products.  At 48V and $5000 for the flagship “Ranger”, you really can start to pick the bike that suits all your needs.

OK, the details: Juicer Electric Motorbicycles LLC is the work of Mr. Dave Twomey, and their site is here: Juicer Electric Motorbicycles.  They also have a Facebook page that has a lot more in the way of photos and updates, so “Like” them here: Juicer Facebook Page.

How much fun is this?  …complete with brown cord sport-coat:

Just in case you’re a little vague on where his inspiration comes from…  here’s a shot from their Facebook album.  That should clear things up.




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