“…from Fossils to Flux 3” in the Works

Screen shot 2013-05-04 at 5.45.21 AM

It’s time for a remake of “…from Fossils to Flux”, I believe.  Not only have I learned a few things, but a few things have changed.  AC motors are all the rage.  Liquid cooling is becoming, well, if not common, at least a common idea.  I have a couple of working prototypes for battery modules.  All in all, the quality and sophistication of what some like to call “home grown builds” is looking professional, sophisticated, and with some very interesting technology.

And there’s now a bike with a transmission on the street.

So, stay tuned…  I’ve been poking away at it for a while, and now I have some time to devote to it so it shouldn’t take too long.  It should be a keeper.



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