Jens Groot and Li-ion Battery Testing

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For years now I’ve lamented that there’s no real academic source for lithium battery testing.  Well, thanks to a Mr. Jens Groot (Division of Electric Power Engineering, Department of Energy and Environment, CHALMERS UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, Göteborg, Sweden 2012) as well as my friend and Electric Chronicles commenter Jarkko Santala, I gots me one to read…

Here it is: State-of-Health Estimation of Li-ion Batteries: Cycle Life Test Methods

Since stuff on University sites moves around a lot, I’ve taken the liberty of posting it here too: JensGroot_batterytesting

From the study:

The purpose of the work presented in this thesis is to investigate how different load cycle properties affect the cycle life and ageing processes of Li-ion cells developed for use in HEVs. In particular, Li-ion cells using graphite anodes and LiFePO4 cathodes are to be studied.

Furthermore, a target is to perform extensive laboratory testing of commercial Li-ion cells to develop and evaluate test methods for cycle life tests. The cell ageing analysis is combined with results from field testing of cells performed by Scania CV AB and research tests performed by KTH and UU.

Finally, an objective is to initiate the modelling of SOH which are to be developed in the continuing phase of this

Here’s a little more about Mr. Groot, a PhD student, as well as a list of other work he’s done at Chalmers.

OK, gotta go.  Got me some readin’ to do.



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