The Battery Module Project: Phase, uh, huh. wutever…

Yeah, I’ve been AWOL, but working hard…  Thanks to my AWESOME friend and SPONSOR, Mike Corbin (of Corbin Sparrow, Sparrow Motors and Corbin Seats fame, oh yeah, and general ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE LEGEND)  I have about 3kwh of CALB Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) packs, ready to strap into the bike.  Here they are, in their yummy deliciousness:


This will give me about 40ah (at 76V)…  just about the same as the Brammo Enertia I rode to work that day, way back when, about 26 miles on Route 128 in rush hour.  The total weight is around 50lbs.

They’ll mount on my rack system, but to do so I have to add a second module mount under the belly of the bike, right about where the expansion chambers were on the original.  So that’s what I’ve been up to- making another rack, and getting it mounted to the bottom of the frame.

Here it is:

Screen shot 2013-04-23 at 8.20.58 AM

This is the module as it will sit in the frame.

Screen shot 2013-04-23 at 8.21.08 AM

Here’s the complete module, upside down, with the rack removed:

Screen shot 2013-04-23 at 8.21.33 AM

The complete module with rack installed:

Screen shot 2013-04-23 at 8.21.22 AM

The modules will be set up with 12 packs in each module.  Wired in series, they’ll give me about 38V at 40ah.  The two 38V modules will series together in the main harness to total 76V and 40ah.

The modules have a few other things in their future…  at 38V I can use them for the scooter, the trail bike, the tractor and even the lawnmower.  The Battery Module concept in action!


4 responses to “The Battery Module Project: Phase, uh, huh. wutever…

  1. Nice! I have 25 of these very same blue cells which I have Bottom Balanced and charge to 87.6 volts or 3.5 V per cell, no BMS. I can get about 400 A out of them. From my 3200 Wh pack I get about 45 km at 70 Wh/km, mixed driving. I’ll be looking forward to hearing your mileage. With the ME1003 motor I can get up to about 105 km/h with decent acceleration. I suspect my motor might do a little better if I had it turned, but it’s pretty good as it is.

      • That has been the common wisdom (keep it at 5C max), but I’m not really sure if it’s based on anything. This guy did a study on LiPO cells and among other things it looks like high discharge rate had no effect on cycle life, in fact some of the cycles he used which had the longest life also had the highest C rates: What seems to kill these cells is charging to 100%. The lower you charge the longer life you get.


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