Materials Properties Database:

Screen shot 2013-04-07 at 3.49.12 PM

File this in the Dept. of Holy Crap!  Ever wonder how two materials compare, on almost every front?  Now you can pick any two on the site and get a live matchup!  Just go to the top bar and click the “Compare” button.  The screen shot above is what you see if you compare materials like Delrin and Nylon, for example.

Be prepared to know the very specific technical name of the materials you’re looking for, but don’t be afraid to search by name…  it worked pretty well.  If you’re a little vague on the specific meanings of each comparison, don’t miss the Glossary page here.

There’s more information available, but it requires payment for a short-term login…  probably well worth the small fee if you need the information.



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