Lito Sora Gets Homologation (wuuuuut?) and Opens Reservations

Screen shot 2013-03-08 at 6.17.27 PM

Got this email from Lito today:

Hi M. Dillard, thank you for following us since almost 2 years.  We got our homologation from Transport Canada (same for US) last week so we are now ready to deliver the SORA.

The price of the SORA is $46,399 CAN, direct sales, transportation not included.  To reserve your SORA please contact us by phone at 514-394-1691 or via to complete your reservation and get your estimated delivery date for your SORA.

There is a 2 years unlimited mileage warranty on the SORA.

Thanks for your request!

Jean-Pierre Legris, CEO
Lito Green Motion Inc.

I can haz?

Here’s a great video:



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