ME0913 and Kelly Controllers – Temperature Sensor Issues

Just got this information from Motenergy:

A couple of motorcycle racers have burned out the ME0913 motor when using the Kelly controls.  These racers do not use the motor’s internal temperature sensor.  Symptoms are burnt windings, loose bolts, and demagnetized magnets.

Here is the issue:  The Kelly Control’s temperature sensor input and the sensor in the Motenergy motor are not directly compatible.  It can be made to work (read below), and I would recommend that everyone use this temperature cut-back feature.

Attached is the information on the temperature sensor in the motor, and the requirements for the Kelly sensor.  Knowing that the winding temperature in the ME0913 motor should not get above 140C, a customer can pick a series resistor of 866 Ohms and put it in the temperature sensor cable.

2128 Ohms for Kelly is 140C, KTY83-122.

1262 Ohms is the Motenergy sensor at 140C, KTY84-130.

Add the series resistor of 860 ohms and the Kelly will think the motor is at 140 C.

John Fiorenza

Motenergy, Inc.

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We are a “Motion and Energy” company.

Here are the attachments John mentioned: KTY83-122 Kelly SensorKTY84_SER_6



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