The Fantasy Build: What I’d Do if I Could (Yamaha R1)

I’ve been tossing around ideas about an all-out, completely funded electric motorcycle fantasy build.  Hey.  The winter’s getting cold, up in this neck of the woods.

After much thought, oh, maybe 15 minutes or even a half-hour, I think I’d start with a 2009 Yamaha R1.  Here’s the frame and running gear:


Plenty of room, especially considering the frame looks like this from the top:


(I always love when publications take a manufacturer’s photo and claim it as their own.)

Nice big hole to drop a pack into.

I’m thinking along the lines of the Motenergy ME0913 PMAC motor with a Curtis controller.  AC motors and controllers are new to me, so I have to do some more work on which controller…

I’m pretty sure I’m not reinventing the wheel here, and there are a couple of bikes out there that are exactly this setup…  but I can’t for the life of me find them.   Help?  (Wait.  Was it Ripperton?)

EDIT:  Of course…  Ripperton.  Here’s the story with some great shots on  Time to read up.  (AAaaaand the build thread with index.)


5 responses to “The Fantasy Build: What I’d Do if I Could (Yamaha R1)

  1. Couple notes; Curtis controller will not currently work with the Motenergy PMAC motors. It only runs induction machines. The R1 frames you linked are different model years and from the R1 frame I have seen they are quite narrow between the tubes. This is because the cylinder head sits below the main frame tubes. If you want a very large (volume) frame look at a CBR1000RR or maybe a GSXR1000 frame.

  2. Ok so if we are talking fantasy.
    – Wide sports bike frame
    – Yasa 750 Motor
    – EIG batteries – Large format for street, Hi C for track
    – Tritium WaveSculpter200
    – liquid cooling for both motor and controller

    Not that I have been thinking about these things…
    But this could give a bike that has the following characteristics:
    – over 100Kw peak power (134hp)
    – 400Nm peak torque
    – approx 90kg of electric components and mounting gear


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