The DirtyDirt Bike Build: The RMe 125

I went and did a bad bad thing.

Woke up this morning and look what I found in my trailer:


I’m not sure the year, but I’m pretty certain it’s a Suzuki RM125. It needs a few things but has good wheels, good suspension and the frame is straight.  What can I say?  It’s a sickness.

Seriously, who doesn’t think that electric dirt bikes are totally cool?  Just watch this video and tell me you don’t want one.

Well, tell me you don’t want to be Adam Raga, too.  But that’s another matter.  To learn how to ride like that, you need a bike, right?

The funniest part is?  Back in 2006 I picked this up to use for my very first build:


…significantly less, uh, complete.  After messing with the parts for a bit, I gave up and started over with the VF500F.  Why is it that every time I sell off parts I end up wishing I hadn’t about a year or two later?

The Plan is to take one of the ETEK motors I have and throw that in.  Even with that motor it’s going to be really tight because of where the sprocket is located, so it looks like I may be moving the sprocket position a little further forward than stock, which will stretch out the already-long chain even more.  It’s either that, or a jackshaft which will add weight.  For the batteries I’m going to use my battery module.

I’m not sure if I want to spring for a new controller and all so I can ramp it up to 80V, but the only other controller I have kicking around is a 36V.  Might be fun for poking around, but I think I’m wanting more speed.  I can certainly start with that, though.

Stay tuned!  I’m going to try to post the complete build thread here.


2 responses to “The DirtyDirt Bike Build: The RMe 125

  1. Dude… I would be killed for that.

    You want light weight reasonable power and only a top of say 50mph… great on the dirt. How about a ME0913 with a Kelly KBL96351E (discounted at the moment) 🙂

    • HA! Thank you sir, but I already have the motor. If I buy a controller I’m thinking one of the higher voltage Altrax for the R5e, and moving the AXE 7245 over to this bike.


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