The R5eIII Begins

This was the plan.  Once the leaves turned, the show schedule wound down and the woolie caterpillars got all wooly in their winter, uh, dens, or wherever wollie caterpillars spend the winters, I was going to start the paperwork process for getting the R5 titled and registered, in spite of it’s “barn find” heritage.

Well.  That took about a week.  I know.  Crazy.

So here I am with a plate for a bike with no lights or nothin’.  Better get my butt to work.

As of this weekend, I have the headlight and taillight mounted and the harness strung together.  Here are some quick photos:




The headlight and bracket are off a basket case Honda CB900F I picked up a few years ago…  I loves me a bigass 9″ headlight.

I’ve got to do some really small little welding/brazing jobs on the bracket, so I think I’m going to ask Santa for one of these:



It’s a Bernzomatic rig, here.  For what it is, I think it might do just fine.

The next challenge is going to be figuring out the best idea for a foot brake switch.  I picked up an OEM style one, but with my modified brake pedal I don’t think it has enough travel to really do much.  I’ve got my buddy David O’Brien thinking about a little Hall-sensor switch…  stay tuned.



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