EMRAX Motor Dyno Test (Thermal Imaging)

OK, file this under “Wicked Cool Use of Thermal Imaging”.  My buddy Kyle who’s on the Buckeye (Ohio State) Electric Motorcycle Team just posted this video.   Want to know where the heat is?  Check it out.

A little background from Kyle’s ElMoto post:

Basically the EMRAX is 10x better for our application. It’s 70% lighter, 70% smaller, 50% cheaper while making similar power (in our setup). The EMRAX is slightly harder to package due to its spinning case and mount hole location, but because its smaller and lighter your mounts don’t need to be as unique/strong/complicated as the Remy mount would be. Two EMRAX would still be smaller and lighter than a Remy and probably produce more power than MotoCzysz and Lightning are making with their Remys.

We spun it up to full speed (4500RPM) two days ago on a 450V bus with no issue. Everything reacted normally and the motor is very well balanced. Noise starts to increase as you get into the field weakening region, but this could just be vibrations from our dyno stand we have. Dyno runs are confirmed for Friday.



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