Off the Grid Goes On the Road: Cross-Country on a Zero

Hey, remember when I was planning to ride across the US on my electric motorcycle?  Well, my buddy Terry is going for it!

His Facebook page is here.  As of yesterday, he’s at “2nd stop: a Chargepoint station at Nemours Children’s Hospital at Lake Nona. 59.7 miles down, about 3500 to go.”

It looks like he’s going with the “Big Battery, Bigger Charger” strategy with this gear:

Zero Motorcycles ZF9 – 9 kwh Li-Ion battery, regenerative braking, 88 mph top speed, 114 mile range, 9 hours recharge time with 110v plug, 2.5 hours with a J1772 port at 240 volts and 30 amps

He’s also clearly using the “Chip Yates Extra Baggage Pizza Box” Strategy for his duffle bag…

Terry just posted his tentative route:



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