Motenergy: New Brush Holder

Just got this news from John:

New Brush Holder, Part Number ME0804 Rev A.

It is used on the ME0708, ME0709 motors, and a similar version with double brushes is used on the ME1003, ME1004, ME1007, and ME1008 motors.  All of our motors in stock have the new Brush Holder.

We now have welded connections (fewer bolts and nuts), larger buss bars (4 mm x 7 mm instead of 4 mm copper wire), and a new spring system that helps in the proper assembly of the brushes.

The new Brush Holder decreases the heat in the motor, and the old brush holder was the limiting factor on the amount of power that could be run through the motor.

Available through the Motenergy site, below, for $99, or through any Motenergy dealer.

John Fiorenza
Motenergy, Inc.
3580 Slinger Road
Slinger, WI  53086  USA
Phone:  262-644-7525
Fax:  262-644-7527
Skype:  john.fiorenzaii

We are a “Motion and Energy” company.


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