National Plug In Day (Dept of City of Boston FAIL)

(photo: Max Hall –

Yesterday was National Plug In Day, celebrated in more than 65 cities across the US, sponsored by Plug In America.  So, true to Boston politics, apparently PIA didn’t get the right permits, so the City of Boston (read: Mayor’s Office) “took over” the logistics for the event.  In the process, they linked up with The Boston Cup Classic Car Show (one of the most amazing car shows I’ve ever seen, by the way), and proceeded to “un-invite” the very grass-roots group of people that PIA represents in favor of the major manufacturers and the local auto dealers.  Read here, Nissan, Mitsubishi, BMW and a few others.

Apparently, I got un-invited, too, but since my laptop has crashed and I can’t get my email, I didn’t even know it, and showed up anyway.

No signs, no talk about National Plug-In Day, nothing but a corner of the Boston Common with a handful of electric cars.  Good job, Mayer Menino.  That didn’t stop them from making a lame announcement after the awards with the Mayor’s declaration of Sept 23rd, 2012 as Boston Plug In Day.  A mayoral declaration does not an event make.

The grape-vine has it that the Mayor’s Office was kissing the Big Sponsor’s asses by cleaning up the field a little, and eliminating the garage-based DIY element from the EV presentation.  Boston politics as usual, and I wouldn’t mind so much if they’d then gone all-out to actually promote the event – in whatever form they decided it should be.  Instead, it was swept under the  rug.

In spite of that, I showed up, thanks to the hospitality of many of the folks running the Boston Cup, and had a great time showing off the bike for the first time  since the Mt Washington climb.  I met a bunch of new folks, saw some old friends, and lined up some plans.

Next weekend, Larz Anderson Auto Museum, for Japanese Car and Motorcycle Day!  See you there!


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