Batteries Charged, Ready to Run (Mt Washington Auto Road)

The batteries are all topped up, and the final preparations are made.  Now I just have to find my sleeping bag and pad.

The weather watch is on, and this is the latest from the Weather Underground:

Friday night into the weekend…low to moderate confidence. Cluster of model guidance has sped up a cold front moving across the northeast Friday night into Saturday. As the less amplified solution…appears that the cold front has very little moisture to work with. Am inclined to go with an entirely dry forecast…however there is still plenty of time for the models to change…and perhaps even slow the system up. Therefore insert a slight chance for Friday night into Sat morning with the west and northwest zones most likely to see precipitation. High pressure will quickly usher in on Sat night into Sunday. Because of all the flip-flopping have a low confidence on this portion of the forecast.

Which, translated, means they have no idea.  It does seem like Saturday may be a little warmer and more stable, so there’s a chance I may make the run then.  Stay tuned!



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