SuperScoot: An Electric Scooter Upgrade

OK, I’m going public on this.  I just picked up this little puppy last weekend:

It’s a Chinese electric scooter with a DOA brushless hub motor.  It has some nice detailing, though, like these gauges.  Note the nice little chrome voltmeter:

So, the options are to try to fix the hub motor, which didn’t go too well last time I tried it, or to replace the hub motor with a new one, which should bolt right in…  short money for a stock 700W replacement, but who wants a 700W motor?  Not I.  When you start looking at the big hub motors, it gets pricey fast.  The third approach would be to dispense with the hub motor entirely and replace it with something with some balls.

Which I just happen to have lying around.  Heh…  heh…  Or should I say, “muWAHhahahaha”?

The idea of bolting in a 10kw ETEK to a scooter is more or less heresy in the scooter circles…  they all seem to like the hub motors, but I can’t figure out why.  There’s a crap-ton of room inside those scoots, and you don’t even have to do things pretty, since they’re all covered up.  And with a non-hub motor I can mess with gearing.  The ETEK fits in like a dream, thus:

There’s more than enough room for a nice little lithium pack where the lead went…

I just bought a Yamaha Chappy rear wheel, complete with drum brake and sprocket.  The measurements I was able to find appear to be a perfect fit, but I won’t know for sure until I get it.

Update:  The wheel fits like a glove.  Here’s the layout for the motor mount:



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