High Speed Motorcycle Cover (Dept of Digital Imaging Meets Electricity)

Every single blessed time I take this bike somewhere on the trailer, it rains.

I don’t really baby my motorcycles, but an open lipo pack with a few healthy kwhs workin’ isn’t something I really want to get drenched, plus, there’s road dirt.  So, the choices are either an enclosed trailer that hides the bike or some sort of cover that’s able to withstand wind at highway speeds.  I found this material – scrim vinyl – that they use for banners and signs, and the stuff is perfect.  It’s a weight of either 10oz or 13oz – think heavier than that blue-tarp stuff you buy at Home Doopey – and, oh, by the way?  You can print on it.

Here’s my first stab at a pattern:

Yeah, I was goofing around with a faded-back image of the bike in spots to see how it looked, and also to give a bit of a tease as to what was underneath the cover.  Shockingly, it actually works.  It’s a really amusing illusion…  My sponsors are going to love having another billboard to put their logos up on, too.

Round Two is to have the rear open, with elastic straps to hold it tight, and gussets around the bars.  (You have to keep the bars open so you can strap the bike down to the trailer via the triple clamps.)  It’s as slim as it can be, with no extra material to flap around, and the fit to the bike is perfect.

Just call me Betsy Frikkin Ross.




2 responses to “High Speed Motorcycle Cover (Dept of Digital Imaging Meets Electricity)

  1. That’s a nice dress for the bike. I’ve kind of dreamed of a bike attached trailer to pull the EV bike around with the ICE bike. This would fit that bill as well. Transparent might work too.


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