Brammo Empulse Road Test (HFL)

“The Empulse is simply a more pure experience than any gasoline-powered bike could ever be.”

Read the story here.

Apparently, bitch found out what I’ve been saying all along…  an electric motorcycle with decent power is like nothing else I’ve ever ridden in 40 years of motorcycling.  Read some more:

Brammo’s able to achieve some pretty extreme mass centralization with its electric drivetrain, squishing the batteries between the frame rails into a tight bundle around the ideal center of gravity. The motor and transmission are very small, contributing to that centralization.

You know mass centralization is good because of Honda’s significant push to inform people that the CBR range is a little bit like its MotoGP bike. But Brammo is able to achieve something even HRC isn’t, totally eliminating reciprocal inertia and the noise, vibration and harshness that comes with ICE propulsion. All those pistons whirring up and down at insanely high speeds have a way of blunting a bike’s turning speed. All those tiny explosions and their subsequent noise and vibration have a way of getting in the way of communication from the tires, suspension and brakes. Electric motorcycles: taking 100 years of motorcycle development to the next level.

…and finally: “Electric motorcycles: finally here.”

Congratulations to Brammo for building a motorcycle that the skeptics can’t ignore…  that changes some minds.  Congratulations for, in spite of all the production issues and internet blather, finally delivers a game changer.  Whatever the future of Brammo, Zero, and the electric motorcycle industry in general, remember this day.  This is the day that motorcycling changed for not just a handful of fanatics, but for everyone who rides a motorcycle.

Hell for Leather is a subscription site.  They leave stories up for a short time, then lock them down.  Don’t be a chump.  If it’s locked down, then buy a frikkin subscription, it’s well worth it, and a fraction of the cost of your porn.  (Update: see comment below, thank you sir!)


3 responses to “Brammo Empulse Road Test (HFL)

  1. They enjoyed the EMPulse a lot !
    Even saying that this “normal” version is better than its concurrents running with ICE.
    I can’t wait to hear feedback from early adopters. Brammo is going to become bigger and bigger with such talents !
    While Honda noticed, the Isle of Mann was a good place to test their prototype. Indeed, eletric motorbike is here !

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