Brammo Empulse Runs Li(NiCoMn)O2, (or NCM) Not Lipo?

Thanks to “Guy”, I stand corrected.  Well.  Sort of.  Lipo is kind of a general term…  The Empulse cell I showed in my previous post is what is commonly called lipo.  It is, according to their specs, NCM, or nickel-cobalt-manganese chemistry.   Read more at, but the chemistry represents one-third the mass and half the volume of an array of current lithium-ion phosphate cells in a pack of equivalent power.  According to Battery University, they  are “Most safe; lower capacity than Li-cobalt but high specific power and long life.”

Lipo is kind of a catch-all term that can include a bunch of different chemistries.  From Battery U, again, “Li-polymer can be built on many systems, such as Li-cobalt, NMC, Li-phosphate and Li-manganese. For this reason, Li-polymer is not considered a unique battery chemistry. Most Li-polymer packs for the consumer market are based on Li-cobalt”.  (Read here, “RC lipo”.) FYI, the older Li-cobalt?  Them are the things that blow up and stuff.

They also “packaged the pouch-type NCM-Li cells in modular building blocks that can support various thermal management options (air or liquid cooling) and also enable Axeon to rapidly produce prototypes of the technology for other vehicle types, which would significantly reduce development lead times.”.  They obviously have been reading my posts.

3 responses to “Brammo Empulse Runs Li(NiCoMn)O2, (or NCM) Not Lipo?

  1. Excellent news ! State of the art electric Motorbike for the mass !
    Geez, if only it was easy to recharge in my country.

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