Brammo Empulse Road Test Tease: LIPO

Want to see about as far under the hood as you can see, behind the 100mph/100mile range of the Brammo Empulse?  Courtesy of the boyz at Hell for Leather*, feast your eyes.  You’re looking at a 8ah lipo cell that makes up the Brammo Power pack.

Yes bitches.  A whole bunch of these go into this:

…which goes into this:

So uh, yeah.  Probably a little more agressive QA than the RC lipo, but we’re talking the same chemistry.  One can only assume they’re satisfied with the various concerns…  safety, cycle life, reliability.  Like that.

Want to see more?  Check out the whole review on Hell for Leather, tomorrow.  Road test.  Photos.  Battery prOn.

You should also follow the Hell for Leather Facebook Page to keep up.

*a Proper bunch of journalists.

5 responses to “Brammo Empulse Road Test Tease: LIPO

  1. What kind of cell it is ? LiPoFe4 ?

    The tech for this new breed of motorbikes is sexy ! Simple and sexy !
    No moving parts, just pure power !

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