TTXGP Discovers Twitter, Gets Me Excited

No, I’m not going to say, “…all a-Twitter”, it’s too cheap a pun, even for me.  Wait.  What?  I said it?  noooooooo!

BUT, the tweets from TTXGP have been coming hot and heavy.  Follow it on their Facebook page, here, or their Twitter profile, here.

I greet this with the same skepticism I do when my teenager actually does something I suggest.  Maybe they were going to do it anyway…  (maybe they were already doing it last year, but I didn’t notice), but it seems like since my bitchy post about the complete lack of coverage of the TTXGP in Australia, they’ve stepped it up?  NAAAAAAHHH.  It can’t be.

…but, for the first time, I’m kind of excited to see what’s happening over there.

Thanks, guys!  Ain’t the Interwebz a Wonderful Thing?




2 responses to “TTXGP Discovers Twitter, Gets Me Excited

  1. Hey Ted,
    Thanks for your support,. Glad you liked the tweets but you should know we have always tweeted from Euro and USA events where there is internet and we are actually present…some tracks are not that great at having a good connection by phone and others crash because too many people are trying to get online at the same time… Technology is great when it works!

    Every track is different; there are now, there are even some timing apps available from mylaps for some of the circuits so you can following the transponders live… and yes we do tweet the links when they are available.

    Australia is covered by eFXC a small subdivision of FXC, and we rely on their reports to be filled with us as we cant be everywhere… We do want to offer better coverage but it is a challenge at the moment.

    If you ever have any questions you want to ask the teams or engineers, please email them to press at and we will be sure to ask them for you and post the replies online… glad you are still interested.


    • lol! Thanks, folks… I’m not a stranger to the taste of crow. Maybe then let’s hope the – tracks – read my posts and maybe think about getting good broadband access for all!


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