R5e II Update: First Loose Assembly

Today was the first time I could get the whole thing slapped – literally – together.  This is what we like to call, “photo-ready”, but more importantly it’s about checking the fit and function of all the new parts.  Almost everything is a perfect fit.  The one exception is the steering damper, but that’s not a biggie, I can just move it a bit and it will be perfect.

If you’re just joining us, this madness is the second generation of the restoration and conversion of a 1971 vintage Yamaha R5.  Where the first generation had a lot of loose ends, fast fixes and revisions I found I needed to make, this updated project has some refinements, attention to details, some parts and systems that I had wanted to work in from the start.  The “v 2.0” also has one feature that I’m particularly proud of…  the battery module.  This allows a fast swap of battery packs, something I’ve been mildly obsessed with designing practically from the very start.

Here are some shots:

front…  first view of completed TD3 tank, from  Rick Merhar, of Accu-Products.

Rear quarter, showing modular battery pack and motor scoop on the Motenergy ME1003.

Detail view of tank, instrument cluster from Gotham Machine

Detail of Gotham Machine’s work.

Detail of Motenergy ME1003, with modified cooling scoop cover.

Modular quick-release battery back, with “micro” RC lipo pack loosely fitted…

Module mounting frame, in bike without battery pack module.

RC lipo “micro pack” removed from bike.

The next step is to, yeah,  you guessed it, tear it all down, finalize all the fasteners and brackets, do a little finishing and painting, and carefully, thoroughly put the whole thing back together again.  Then…   wire together a pack and run it up!



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