Mt Washington Auto Road (Dept of “It’s ON!”)

Hi Ted, 

Thanks for your interest.  This would be a great test for your bike.

Yes, we’d be happy to see you here on Alternative Energy Day.  This is a very low key day but a chance to show off any alternatively powered vehicles.  We’ve always hoped that it would turn out bigger than it has, and to be sure over the past several years we have had some interesting one-offs that have garnered attention.  

There is no record that I’m aware of electric mc up the Auto Road.  There was one driven to the summit back in the ‘70s during the very earliest of Alternative Vehicle challenges so there certainly was a time set.  Charles Mac Arthur rode it to the summit, he may still have that bike.

 Count on being able to participate on Sept 16th.  Let’s talk as that date gets closer if you intend to come here.

Howie Wemyss, General Manager

Mt Washington Auto Road

Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center

PO Box 278

Gorham NH 03581


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