Shelina Moreda Riding for Brammo (Dept of Internet Gossip FTW!)

No, I know…  I haven’t been keeping up my end of the Shelina coverage lately.  (That sounds so much better than “stalking”, huh?)  But, as I reported so many months ago, it would appear that our Shelina is indeed riding for Brammo.  OK, I just don’t know when, quite yet, but I’m pretty sure it’s not at Laguna this weekend.  Maybe Miller.

OK, so before all you bitches who fed me info and pictures get all freaked out that I’m leaking some news that I’m not supposed to, this came from the Brammo Facebook page, so settle down.

Here’s the first, suspicious shot:

See the rider name on the front cowl?  “S Moreda”, bitches!  OK OK, it’s hard to read.  But I have awesome forensic Digital Imaging and Photoshop skillz.  CSI Miami wants my ass, just so you know.  Here:

So, yeah, she’s not on the rider list.  Also, I’m pretty sure this isn’t a race bike.  Still.  My money says, look for her at Miller.  Feel free to confirm or deny, you-who-knows-who-you-arez.

OKAY!  Here’s some Shelina candy – my fave video I think:



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